Start Your Journey

EventPrep® has a structured process to determine if we are a fit for one another to protect both you as an investor and us as a brand who cares about the success of our franchisees, partners and clients.

Initial review call –

Discuss the EventPrep® model with a franchise team member.

We then send you a simple evaluation form and non-disclosure form basically asking, please don’t steal our intellectual property.

Fill out the simple evaluation form and NDA

We then want to introduce you to a team leader, get into the numbers and discuss your business plan as an EventPrep® franchisee.

Management call

Review the business with one of our Team Leaders in more detail and depth.

We will send you the FDD for review and then schedule a call to discuss the document and terms of the relationship.

Review the Franchise Disclosure Document

We will send you the FDD to review and discuss with us on a call.

We will then schedule a meet the family day in Virginia to meet the team and get the full understanding for how the business and company are operated.

Book flights, hang out with us for a day.

Review the model and make a decision whether EventPrep® is right for you.

Finalize agreement and schedule training.