How do you make money with Eventprep®?

The franchisee’s business can essentially be broken down into three streams of revenue:


The first three rules of planning a great meeting are location, location, location. Researching, negotiating and selecting the proper city/venue can be a stressful, all-consuming task for clients. EventPrep® Franchisees can ease the client’s burden by listening to their needs, gathering and analyzing data, making professional suggestions and leveraging their industry relationships to provide the best venue options for the meeting. EventPrep® Franchisees will proactively advocate for their client’s best interests and negotiate the most attractive contracts possible on behalf of their clients.


  • Researching venue options that meet client parameters
  • Reviewing venue feedback and providing professional guidance
  • Negotiating favorable contract terms
  • Proprietary hotel contracting that protects the franchisee and client
  • Supporting  the client every step of the way through the contracting process

As a benefit to EventPrep® Franchisees, our corporate office will provide viable, commission-generating leads to assist Franchisees with establishing their business. EventPrep® is the one of the most favorable in the industry.


In many ways, EventPrep® serves as an extended staff for the client’s organization. EventPrep® Franchisees can further support their client with professional meeting planning and management services to ensure a quality conference experience for attendees. You can either plan the meeting yourself, or receive a generous commission by reselling our sister company’s talented workforce.

Services available within the onsite delivery platform are:


  • Meeting Managers and Meeting Planners
  • Registration Managers, Registration Assistants & Registration Support Staff
  • Technology Managers (to support onsite badge printing services)
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Audiovisual Management
  • Speaker / Sponsor / Exhibitor Management
  • Off-site Meeting Venue Selection and Management
  • Ground Transportation Management
  • Signage / Design / Print / Collateral Management


Meeting staff can be overwhelmed with duties before a meeting. As a true partner to  the client, EventPrep® Franchisees have a full network of resources at their fingertips to support client needs. EventPrep® franchisees can receive a generous commission by reselling services from one of our many trusted industry partners.


  • Audiovisual Equipment Rental & Management
  • Graphic Design / Professional Printing
  • Event Décor and Production
  • Online Registration Management
  • Name Badge Creation & Production (pre-printed or onsite printing)
  • Housing Management