Profile of Success

The EventPrep® franchise is designed to offer value, support, and guidance to a wide range of applicants. Candidates must have the willingness and commitment to learn and execute our time-tested, proven systems. The following provides an overview of ideal characteristics for an EventPrep® franchise owner:

Strong sales and customer service abilities.

A EventPrep® franchisee should be a natural people person with a background in and enthusiasm for sales and marketing. Having this experience will help a franchisee ramp up the operation and revenues to an efficient level in a shorter period of time. Persistence, enthusiasm, and optimism are all traits that should be inherent in a franchisee’s character.

High personal standards: Excellence, honesty and integrity.

It is critical that franchisees have integrity and are trustworthy. Relationships are what drive the EventPrep® business model and what the reputation of the organization has been built on. Good franchisees will need to nurture and grow relationships.

Good with Time Management.

The busy schedule and fast pace of EventPrep® will keep the owners busy. They will not have a need for a staff initially, but managing the client relationships along with the back office support will require strong management abilities.

Able to meet initial investment requirements.

An EventPrep® franchisee should have about $73,575 (on average) in investment capital to account for working capital, startup costs, marketing dollars, and initial franchise fees to get their franchise off the ground.