“The EventPrep® brand is one of a kind…. With their quick start program and dedicated support, I was not only cashing in on a bigger salary than ever before but a better quality of life”.

Jason Horowitz (EventPrep® Franchise Owner/Operator; Hollywood, FL)

From the very first hour, I received tremendous support from the EventPrep® management team. The support I received allowed me to focus on building my customer base and see a very successful future for me, my family, and the company as a whole”.

Lynn Lawson (EventPrep® Franchise Owner/Operator; Denver, CO)

“Working with EventPrep® has been AWESOME! – They are truly a great teaming partner and a revenue generating machine!! A win–win for sure….”

Adam Crosley (Reel Impact Events CEO & Executive Producer; St. Louis, MO)

“Hilton has been working with the EventPrep® leadership for over a decade…. They have earned our respect and commitment to ensure quality events for all their clients.”

Kimberly Napolitano, CASE (Hilton Worldwide Sales, Managing Director )