Why You?

An EventPrep franchise offers value, support, and guidance.

You bring the willingness and commitment to learn and grow
We train and support you to execute our time-tested, proven systems

What makes an ideal franchise candidate?

Strong sales and customer service abilities

An EventPrep franchisee should be persistent, enthusiastic, and optimistic.  These traits have been found to contribute to success in our model, and we in turn nurture and support our franchisees to reach their full potential.

High Personal Standards: Excellence, Honesty and Integrity

It is critical that franchisees have integrity and are trustworthy. Relationships drive the EventPrep business model and they are the foundation of our organization. Successful franchisees will nurture and grow trusted, long-term client relationships.

Good with Time Management

The schedule and fast pace of EventPrep will keep you busy. Managing client relationships, along with back office tasks, will require strong management abilities. We help with tools and training to ensure you’re up to the challenge.

Strong Entrepreneurial Mindset

We are looking for franchisees who want to make a difference in their lives and are ready to make a positive change.  Franchisees new to the industry can get started with a low one-time investment of $10,000.  Experienced industry professionals who have a qualifying book of business may have that fee waived.

There’s never been a better time to join EventPrep and start your journey.

Let’s do this

It’s easier than ever to start an EventPrep franchise. We help change people’s lives.

Are you ready?