For people to be comfortable attending your upcoming in-person meetings and events, they need to know all the appropriate safety precautions are being taken. This requires integrating safety into every touchpoint with guests.

Here are 3 quick tips to help you do just that:

Take it Touchless
“A lot has been said about safety precautions that hotels and other venues are taking, and a touchless registration and badging system has quickly become the norm,” said EventPrep’s Denise Radcliff.
Guests should be able to check in seamlessly and quickly without a wait and with very little contact with surfaces. “It’s important to make them feel immediately comfortable and safe, setting the right tone from the very beginning of your meeting,” she added.

Get Creative with Culinary Offerings
Serve yourself buffets are a thing of the past. Beautiful buffet presentations are still happening, but attendants should serve the food to attendees. Get creative with Individually wrapped single serve items! Consider delivering some offerings to tables directly or add a roving cart to deliver small bites. It’s important to stagger visits to the buffet and have multiple ways to serve to minimize crowding and lines.

Onsite COVID Testing
Rapid on-site testing, also known as point-of-care testing, allows test results to be seen quickly (in as little as 15 minutes). Learn more about the latest technology recommended for meetings by working closely with your hotel/venue as they will have the most appropriate connections in their market.

From the beginning make sure you prioritize sharing safety protocols across your event communications. Your attendees will want to know what to expect, and you will create an immediate sense of security and trust.

Contact EventPrep to learn more and let’s plan a seamless and stress-free event!