The best months for flowers are here — but flowers still make up a large part of many event and meeting budgets.  Florists around the world are encountering extremely high prices for flowers at the wholesale level, and of course are having to pass those hefty prices on to their customers. Drastically-reduced flower production due to COVID-19 and weather conditions causing shortfalls are just two of the reasons for this predicament.  Luckily, our own Denise Radcliff has some great tips on how to trim your flower budget:

  1. Location, Location, Location
    When planning your event, focus your buying in the market where your event will be held. “Use flowers and greenery that are in season and more readily available in that particular location,” Radcliff says.  It may seem obvious, but requires some flexibility and research.
  2. Flexibility Works in your Favor
    If you’re flexible about the colors and flowers to be used, consider asking the hotel or venue if another client is having an event either before or after your event. This group may be interested in splitting the cost of the flowers with your group.
  3. Get Creative
    If you’re really in love with a particular flower that is on the pricey side, consider doing every other table with a less expensive, complementary flower or arrangement.  Adds Radcliff, “After your event, consider donating your flower arrangements to a local restaurant or church.  It’s always a wonderful gesture and will help you leave a positive mark in the community. Especially in these times, kindness matters!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        For more ideas for trimming your flower budget, contact us and ask about our franchise opportunities for event professionals!

Flower Photo courtesy @jenniferbosakphoto and @wildingflowersco