How do you keep franchisees engaged in challenging times, and when you can’t meet in person, or as often as you’d like? Check out our 3 tips for staying connected and supportive when it’s hard to stay in touch:

  1. Find Ways to Creatively Spotlight Your Franchisees
    At EventPrep Franchise, we ask our franchisees to weigh in on topics, or just share words of inspiration and we share their thoughts on our blog and social media platforms. “It’s important for franchisees to feel they have a voice, especially in challenging times,” says EventPrep Executive Vice President Denise Radcliff.  “We want to hear what they have to say, and to give them a platform to share their insights with our industry.”


  1. Prioritize Leadership Training
    Every month, EventPrep leadership conducts short one-on-one coaching calls with each franchisee, according to Radcliff. “The goal is to work ON their business instead of IN their business. We talk about the franchisee goals and help create action plans to accomplish them,” she says. Especially in times when business is down, this level of support is critical.



  1. Remind Franchisees They are In Business FOR Themselves not BY Themselves
    “This is our mantra for our franchsees,” Radcliff says proudly. “We are constantly tapping into our resources to provide leads to our franchisees. We are committed to their success and we try to prove that with action.”


We’d love to hear your ideas about this topic.   EventPrep Franchise is now offering new opportunities for franchisees! To learn more, contact us at