How do you stay safe as a police officer? How do you feed, shelter and protect people affected by disaster and destruction as a member of The National Guard? How do you function under high stress conditions when the worst-case scenario becomes reality? The answer to those questions is the same as the old adage: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.

As law enforcement officers, Paul and Steve constantly trained, trained and trained some more. They went to the police academy. They went to the shooting range. They were always in some type of class to level up and hone their skills because when the time came, they needed to be ready for anything and everything.

When Steve was assigned to a dignitary protection team in Iraq, he had to make sure no harm came to the generals or the secretary of defense when they visited. When Paul and Steve were deployed to Germany and a general came for a visit, they were ready because they had prepared weeks in advance for the event. They visited every single place the general wanted to go. They looked every person in the eye whom he wanted to meet with. They researched emergency egresses, and identified the hospitals in case things went sideways. The level of detail in preparation for such an event is beyond imagination.

When tragedy strikes, you can’t just make it up as you go along. You go right for the mobilization book and start running through the checklists. Every major catastrophe or event has a book to go with it, from a terrorist attack to a hurricane to a nuclear plant meltdown, with details down to the smallest degree.

Why wouldn’t a business have a similar plan? Paul and Steve took all of their training and translated what they learned into event preparedness strategies and business management skills, founding and building numerous successful businesses, including EventPrep.

One of the most important things they brought to the world of business is the idea of a “playbook for preparedness” — a meticulous plan for each and every event that details what to do in every imaginable scenario — how to react and how to move forward. After lives dedicated to service, these lessons have served them well.

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Article is Excerpt from Prep for Success: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Achieving Your Dreams
By Steve Davis & Paul Trapp