Your franchise is expanding, and your new franchisee is preparing for their grand opening. Congratulations! While it might not be the best time to plan an in-person gathering, it’s still important to help your franchisee mark this amazing milestone. Here are a few ideas from our events team to help generate awareness, build excitement and even drive sales:

  1. Promote, Promote, Promote
    Set a date and time for the event and get the word out! Help your franchisee to draft and distribute a press release to share with appropriate media and make sure they share the announcement on social channels, with their local Chamber of Commerce, etc. Be sure they prepare an invitation list and send out digital invitations to their contacts.
  2. Conduct a Virtual Tour
    The franchisee should invite people to tune in via Facebook Live or via Zoom link (offer both) for the virtual ribbon cutting. Take them on a virtual tour! Guests should be invited to RSVP and will get a link to tune in when the time comes. A designated “host” can welcome everyone to the event, conduct a simple ribbon cutting and then walk the space for the tour, as the videographer captures all the fun footage. Though everyone won’t be together in person, it can still feel special to take team members, customers and members of your community through your new space. Consider hiring musicians and have them play very short segments at different points – this will add to the festive feel.
  3. Solicit and Share Special Messages
    Franchisees can invite key stakeholders to submit videos of themselves (before the event date) sharing congratulatory messages. Play those at different intervals during the event. The franchise team, local politicians, employees, partners, key customers, local radio personalities, and others can be invited to participate. They should be sure to cast a wide net, to ensure they’ll have plenty of videos to choose from and share.
  4. Offer Grand Opening Discounts
    Offering special grand opening discounts is a great way to generate anticipation and interest. Hosting online giveaways can create excitement and be a great lead generation tool.
  5. It’s Not Over When It’s Over
    After the event, the recording can be shared on the brand website and social channels. This will continue to generate excitement (and eyeballs) on the brand. Be sure to share the special message videos and tag the speakers, thanking them for participating.

    Don’t forget to celebrate and commemorate new franchise openings at your brand’s Annual Conference! For help planning a virtual or in-person Annual Conference — contact us at (571) 933-8999 or